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Source code review involves going line by line through the source code to find any security vulnerabilities or backdoors in the application coding. It identifies potential vulnerabilities within the application, which allows those resulting from them to eliminate

Our Source Code Review can find vulnerabilities that would go undetected during a traditional application test since our process is much more comprehensive and goes deeper into the design of the software.

In addition, our Source Code Review can help uncover injection, cross-site scripting, CSRF, authentication, and session management vulnerabilities in bespoke and proprietary code sets.

Why is source code review is necessary?

For better customer experiences, today’s website and application have a bundle of features. Users have easy access to business logic or data through these applications.
Developers created these features. Use them, they often reuse them. But, if it introduced any vulnerability in code, it can spread rapidly to other components as well. Impacting the entire application and bringing the business to a halt.
Understanding the security vulnerabilities of IoT devices is vital for adequately protecting your network. IoT devices that are infected can bring down servers, networks, or computers by being used as botnets.

Our Approach

We ensure that at least one consultant with relevant programming experience works on the project. These consultants have a wealth of experience in security.

Preparation: We will review the application in this phase and develop a threat assessment plan.

Code Review: there are three ways to perform this activity, automated, manual, or a combination of both.

Automated review: All sequences of code are accurately checked, and the outputs automatically generated, and we compare them with the desired outputs

Manual Review: Manual review involves examining the application code for errors, insecure cryptographic methods, and other issues specific to the platform to find logical errors.

Reporting: A detailed, easy-to-understand report is present after we have gathered all the assessment data. Reports contain criticality levels, risks, technical and business effects. It also provided a remediation strategy for each discovered vulnerability.

Our team of expert can assist you if you are ready to take the next steps to ensure that your company is conforming to industry standards that safeguard both you and your consumers.

Security architecture reviews are non-disruptive studies that uncover systemic security issues in your environment. They are ideally suited for organizations wanting to maximize their return on any security technology investment by evaluating their needs and validating the security of their existing deployments. The result is an actionable roadmap to help remediate identified security deficiencies.


Earn trust with potential business partners and customers By conducting Architecture Design & Review can help in retaining trustworthiness of potential business partners and customers, especially when competing to be a vendor for a major organization.

Adequate network segmentation Secure Architecture Design & Review ensures network segmentation to prevent attackers from compromising the whole infrastructure with a single point of failure.

Improved network infrastructure documentation GRC360 incorporates best practices to improve robust network documentation that incorporates key network components, segmentation, logging, policies, procedures and a reliable network diagram.

Standardization across existing network Secure Architecture Design & Review ensures standardization, which makes it easier among auditors to determine and address discrepancies of the network infrastructure in the future.

When Should a Review Be Performed?

    You experience a security breach.

Security Architecture Review Results

    GRC360’s review methodology produces actionable results. You receive observations, perceived deficiencies and remediation recommendations that address the following in your environment:

GRC360 has developed its extensive security architecture review methodology based upon guidelines developed by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and CIS (The Center for Internet Security) as well as tactical experience gained through engaging with companies across a broad spectrum of industries. Using information gathered during interviews with key personnel, system documentation and configuration data extracted from security devices, we assess the current state of your technical security posture and produce actionable remediation steps to address perceived security gaps.

A firewall security review is a detailed analysis and test of a firewall that has been implemented to protect a client’s information, applications, systems and overall business operations. A firewall security review examines vulnerabilities associated with a specific vendor’s solution, susceptibility of the firewall to focused connection and information driven attacks and exploits, and miss-configurations that allow an attacker to overcome specific firewall protections.


Firewalls are complex systems that by their function restrict or grant network connectivity to and from the Internet for a company. The very process to configure and modify firewalls to support dynamic business requirements introduces the risk of permitting unintentional and potentially harmful access into or out of an organization’s network. Firewalls that are initially set up, configured and patched undergo constant change to support evolving business needs. The risks, threats and impacts of changes tend not to be fully considered particularly when business timelines and commitments become immediate. Firewall security reviews help the organization to verify that their firewalls adequately protect critical business information and data as required. Firewall reviews are a key requirement within a number of industry related standards and regulations, such as PCI and HIPAA.


GRC360 Firewall Security Review Services help our clients to improve and maintains their security perimeter against the actions of hackers who attempt to disrupt business operations and data; and steal, modify or destroy sensitive information. Our services coverall all major firewalls, switches and routers; and tests for vulnerabilities, configuration and administration flaws, and non-compliance with industry standards and regulations such as PCI and HIPAA.

GRC360’s Firewall Security Review Service identifies vulnerabilities within the external/internal network security architecture and can be aligned to different industry standard requirements such as PCI DSS, ISO/IEC 27001

The GRC360 Managed Compliance Services team uses Nipper, RAT and proprietary analytical tools and techniques, to help identify and remediate firewall security vulnerabilities and resolve miss-configurations.

All firewall vulnerabilities and configuration issues that are identified are presented to the client together with an assessment of impact and recommendations for mitigation or a technical solution.



GRC360 Firewall Security Review Services can be performed as a standalone service or can be bundled with other GRC360 Managed Compliance Services as desired.

Firewall Security Reviews can are performed to occur on a routine schedule (e.g., quarterly or bi-yearly) and/or to coincide with a major security upgrade or application launch. The service can be run remotely or locally. A number of our clients run the scanner themselves and provide the raw data to the GRC360 Managed Compliance Services team for detailed analysis